New Hampshire Domestic Abuse Laws Proposed Changes

Domestic abuse is a major issue not only in Exeter, Portsmouth and Manchester but in New Hampshire generally. It shatters families and creates a cycle of abuse that extends to abused children who are at high risk for abusing their spouses and children.

According to some studies, over 3 million children in the US are abused annually. Battered spouses and their children may seek protection in battered women shelters, having their spouses arrested for assault, and often breaking up families.

In New Hampshire, domestic violence includes the following offenses:

Sexual assault
Aggravated assault
Threats of violence
Emotional abuse or intimidation

New Hampshire domestic violence laws include not only married couples, but extends to ex-spouses, siblings, cohabiting partners, and current or former intimate partners.

In New Hampshire, like most states, if you are the victim of domestic violence, you can seek an emergency protective order from the court that will prohibit the abusive partner or spouse from contacting you or entering your house or apartment. You can also have the perpetrator arrested if the police have evidence of abuse, such as observing injuries and the aftermath of a struggle.

However, this could all change if House Bills 1581 and 1608 pass in the New Hampshire legislature. Current law allows police who are summoned to a home where domestic violence has been reported to arrest the accused upon probable cause without a warrant if they observe signs of violence. This includes evidence of injury to a victim and signs of a struggle like damage to furniture or to the residence. Officers may also seize any firearms which may have been used or were threatened to be used by the accused.

This new law in New Hampshire would take away that discretion from law enforcement and would only permit an arrest if an officer directly witnessed abusive behavior taking place, or he or she must return with an arrest warrant. Although the law has been evidently designed to protect the rights of the accused, the situation could escalate if police must leave the scene to obtain a warrant without having an officer present at the household, leaving the victim at the mercy of the abuser.

The new legislation would also require a defendant under a restraining or protective order to violate it three times before being subject to arrest for violating the order. Presently, a single violation gives a judge discretion to order the violator arrested.

Law enforcement officials also fear that the new measures would not prohibit an accused domestic abuser from possessing firearms or from buying them.

Misdemeanor or Felony Charges

If you are accused of a domestic violence offense in New Hampshire, and depending on the severity of the circumstances, you can be charged with either a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or a felony if serious injury resulted, or if you are accused of rape or other sexual misconduct.

Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction in NH

If you are convicted of domestic violence in areas such as Exeter, Portsmouth and Manchester or in New Hampshire generally, and your offense was a Class A misdemeanor, you face up to one year in jail, fines, probation, and probable participation in a domestic violence treatment program.

Class B misdemeanors do not include any prison time. This would include simple assault charges. You can still face fines and participation in a domestic violence program.

If your domestic violence conviction included a more severe charge such as a sexual offense, serious bodily injury, or assault using a firearm or other deadly weapon, you could face a Class A felony, which carries a possible imprisonment of more than 7 years and up to 15 years. If a sexual assault occurred or a homicide, the penalties increase up to life in prison.

A Class B felony imposes a possible imprisonment of more than one year but not more than 7 years. Probation can be up to five years.

Retain a New Hampshire Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney

Finding the proper New Hampshire domestic abuse defense lawyer is essential if you have been charged with domestic violence or abuse or with any associated criminal charges.

Regardless if there are significant changes to the domestic violence laws in NH pertaining to how and when law enforcement can arrest someone and when you can be charged, a domestic violence and abuse charge is a serious manner.

In some instances, a vindictive spouse or ex-partner may falsely accuse you of domestic violence to gain custody over children or for some other purpose. If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence and abuse, you need the services of Ryan Russman, one of New Hampshire’s premiere criminal defense attorneys.

A criminal conviction could result in the loss of your freedom as well as substantial collateral consequences, including loss of your job; and difficulty in obtaining credit, applying to schools, obtaining housing, and having the stigma of having committed a violent crime. Get a free consultation with NH Attorney Ryan Russman today.

NH Criminal Law Attorney Ryan Russman is a tireless defender of individuals arrested on criminal charges including burglary, theft, domestic abuse, embezzlement and homicide in New Hampshire. Russman Law Offices have two convenient locations in Exeter and Portsmouth, NH

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Solicitor in Hampshire Gives Top 8 Legal New Year Resolutions

The top 8 UK Legal New Year resolutions for 2008!

1. Make a will so that you leave your property to those you choose, rather than a list of relatives that inherit. If you die with a spouse and there is no will, the spouse does not receive all the estate in many cases unless you make a will saying so.

2. If you live with a partner, draw up a written agreement about property and money. A popular myth is that a common law spouse has legal rights as if the couple were married but that is not so under existing law. However, plans to change the law to give new rights to cohabitants may cause some to reconsider moving in with a partner. Consult us on the impact of the proposed changes.

3. Consider whether properties you own with others should be held in joint names (which means if you die they receive your share) or as “tenants in common” which means you can leave your share to whomsoever you choose.

4. If you work with a partner, whether in a partnership or through a limited company, draw up a partnership agreement or shareholders agreement dealing with matters such as how much effort both parties put into the business, what profit shares are taken, what happens if one of you is ill or dies or wants to leave and what will happen if an offer for the company is made.

5. If you trade in business, draw up some standard conditions of sale and purchase and formalise any informal distribution, agency and licensing agreements so that everything is clear. This reduces legal costs if a dispute arises later, as the written terms protect you. If you have existing standard terms, have them checked to ensure they reflect the latest legal position.

6. Check your business’ compliance with recent changes in areas such as data protection and employment law, competition law and intellectual property. An annual legal compliance health check is well worth undertaking.

7. Check that all staff are properly putting into force legal instructions e.g. some Purchasing Department staff do not reject suppliers’ standard terms of trading and fail to send back the buyer’s terms. Regular training for this kind of staff can be provided by lawyers and others.

8. Deal with legal disputes quickly and early to ensure they are resolved without the need to go to court, which is risky and expensive. Consider mediation of disputes rather than formal arbitration or court action and always balance risks and possible legal costs against potential rewards.

I sincerely hope that you have a happy and prosperous New Year and that you are able to take the time to implement at least some of the top 8 UK Legal New Year resolutions outlined above. It’s an old adage but it still rings true that we fail to plan rather than plan to fail.

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If you want to be inspired by online retail look at FNB’s new app

The vast majority of websites and online retail platforms are absolutely pathetic and amateurish. And desperately in need of help.
I was at the launch of FNB’s latest app – the 50th upgrade since it launched in 2012 – and in my opinion anyone who wants to succeed at online retail should have a look at this for sheer inspiration.

It has actually revolutionised mobile banking and with fingerprint recognition it is able to get onto the online banking platform securely and with the least amount of hassle. And it allows customers to do absolutely everything from paying, transferring, cardless cash withdrawals, adjusting limits, talking directly to someone at the bank in real time and best of all, being able to pay a restaurant bill or groceries without having to give anyone a credit card. Or even having a credit card on you.

It is a remarkable demonstration of just how advanced the digital retail environment has become.

Quite a contrast to those retail websites that still persist in asking customers to phone or email them for quotes or prices.

Online retailing is growing massively and the emphasis is falling more and more on mobile with phones getting a little bigger with convenient 14cm screens that allow even the most clumsy consumers to easily navigate things.

There is no doubt in my mind that any retail organisation that does not give absolute priority to their online presence in terms of user friendliness, is just asking for trouble.

And a tip from those who do it well. Really well. Don’t hand it all out to someone else but create your own centre of mobile excellence.

A press release is really just a last resort

Far too many PR people these days still believe that press releases are mainly what media relations are all about. They are wrong. Very wrong.
A press release has its place. At the back of the strategic queue. As a last resort. When there is really no other way.

My belief is that media relations is, as the name suggests, all about relationships. It’s the same in any business. Being able to talk directly to a client is so much better than anything else. And being able to create a relationship with a customer is the ultimate goal. Because people do not like doing business with strangers. But, they love doing business with people they know.

In my journalism days, I didn’t give much time or thought to those PR people who kept sending me press releases. I didn’t know them. I didn’t really have time to care about them. They were strangers. And like any human being, a distrusted stranger.

But, those who made the effort to meet with me and develop a mutually beneficial and professional relationship, were the PR people who got the most out of me for their clients.

When I was on the corporate side of things with BMW SA., I actually told my PR staff never ever to send out press releases. They did what I did and got to know the motoring and financial journalists. Got to know them well. And it paid huge dividends.

Yes, we did send stuff to them that could be construed as “press releases”, but the big difference being they were only sent to journalists who actually asked to be kept informed.

Of course, I commiserate with those PR people whose clients insist they put out press releases which usually have to mention the company product or service heaven knows how many times and which quote the client ad infinitum. Probably because he or she just loves the idea of maybe seeing their names in print.

When it comes down to brass tacks, there is a place for the press release. But, its not the magic elixir that it is plumped up to be. It is and always will be a media relations accessory and never ever the main vehicle.

When I do presentations to clients on the role of PR and particularly how to develop media relations, it is always such a pleasure to see light bulbs going on over heads that for so long were stuck in the sand.

It is not rocket science. In fact, it isn’t any sort of science. It is just the profitable use of human nature.

Boards of directors need to stop being in denial about social media

PR people and other corporate marketers need to work harder on getting their boards of directors to stop being in denial about social media and the digital world. And the best way of doing that is to show them how much money they are wasting.
The thing is that marketing has become considerably cheaper with the introduction of digital platforms and the ability to have conversations with customers. Or, put it another way, existing budgets can become a lot more efficient and more measureable.

Far too many chairmen, CEO’s, FD’s and board members are still in denial about the digital world. They still believe that social media is for kids and the internet is something that youngsters with time on their hands use to play vacuous games.

I am finding it immensely interesting how a conservative, denialist board can become as excited as toddlers in a toy shop once they have been shown just what the digital world is actually all about.

They marvel at the fact that they can actually have someone in their company talk directly to a prospective customer who visits their website. In real time.

They marvel at the ability of their customer service people to be able to nip problems in the bud instantly.

But most of all, they marvel at the vast amount of money they are able to save by employing technology to not only measure precisely what they are doing but also to give them an equally precise picture of the return on investment of their marketing, PR or advertising spend.

Most boards try and avoid any form of session in which they expect to be “taught” about social media and digital marketing.

So, the trick is to persuade them to give up 45 minutes of their time after one of their board meetings for someone to come in an talk to them about saving money.

When I do these presentations I find that in every case, even the most recalcitrant board members are converted and ever better, I make a lot of friends among corporate PR and marketing people whose jobs suddenly become a lot easier.

Yes, you can cut your advertising budget in tough times

When times are tough, marketers and ad agencies encourage their clients not to cut back on advertising or marketing spend. But actually, you can.
Now, I am not for a minute saying that those who encourage clients not to cut back on their spend are wrong. The thing is that unless you are far more efficient than is the norm in South Africa, you can easily cut back your spend in tough times.

Quite simply, the results of marketing audits I have done over the years show that roughly 30 percent of all marketing and advertising spend in this country is completely and utterly wasted.

So it seems to me, that the average South African company can happily cut back on its ad and marketing budgets by a third.

But, and that’s a big BUT, you have to be careful about which 30 percent you cut.

If you cut that 30 percent that is completely wasted and just leave the 70 percent that is working, you will have saved a ton of money without affecting your marketing performance on advertising return on investment.

The first step in all this, of course, is to conduct a fairly simple and straightforward marketing audit to identify the deadwood in your budget.

It really isn’t rocket science.

Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire A Law Consultant

The importance of a business is sublime in the eyes of the owner; in fact, some people even compare a business to a baby. They say, a business is born like a baby and it is the owner who raises it to be a whole and complete organization. The smooth running of a business is equally important as the growth and development and the best way to ensure a constant flow of the business is to hire a law consultant. Some people are of the view that hiring a business attorney is simply adding extra burden on the business but truth is a business attorney makes sure that your business never experiences any legal disruption or distress.

There are several situations where the presence of a business attorney is the only thing that can save your business from any unwanted trouble and expenditure. For instance, the government keeps amending the rules regarding business practices and it is difficult for the owners to keep up with these updates and amendments but if a business has hired a law consultant he or she will be aware of all the new laws and would instantly engage in the development of the new paper-work or documentation to avoid any kind of fines or penalties to the business. Similarly, most businesses need to purchase new property in the form of land or building for the purpose of expansion, in this case the business attorney will make sure that all the paper work is genuine and the property is being purchased from an authentic owner. The business attorney also takes the responsibly of securing the business the best deals by stating all the clauses in the contract that he or she believes would benefit the business.

The role of a business attorney is maximized when the business is planning on taking up a merger or an acquisition. The reason why the presence of a law consultant is vital in this situation is because under a merger or an acquisition the business is taking up the assets and liabilities of the acquired or merged business and this crucial decision must only be taken under the guidance of the attorney who has best information on how to deal with these things.

There are many business attorneys in the market but one of the best and most renowned business attorney’s is located in San Ramon, California, Lubna K. Jahangiri. Miss Lubna is an expert law consultant especially in the field of business and corporate law and she offers her excellent services at very affordable and reasonable prices. The most special and unique feature of her law firm is that you can arrange for a meeting to discuss the situation of your business with complete attorney-client privilege. The goal of this law firm is to understand the needs of the clients and bring about positive results for the client and the business. Miss Lubna’s superior skills have benefited many businesses especially those who were facing commercial real estate law problems, partnerships problems and other corporate and business law prob

One Stop Destination For Legal Advice Is Paramount Law Consultant

This article updates you with the best law consulting firm in India. This Delhi based law firm seems to deals with any kind of legal litigation with great expertise. The highly qualified and experienced law professional are working as legal advisors here.

We all are abided by certain laws and rules. And so it is very important to stay aware of laws. According to our Indian penal court Ignorance of law is no excuse. So taking of legal advice from our lawful advisor for different legal issues is a very essential. And, thus regarding all this a reliable and efficient legal assistance is needed. The most renowned legal assistance in Delhi, Paramount Law Consultancy provides the best legal advising service to both corporate level and to individuals. This firm comprises of an excellent team of legal experts, who are highly qualified and experienced in this field. Eminent senior advocates and retired judges serve for this consultancy.

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As a property legal advisor they have immense experience and well defined approach. Litigations and legal compliances regarding real estate projects, multiplex, industrial infrastructure along with personal property issues all comes under their service area. They seem to analyze the case in every possible way.
As the best legal assistance in Delhi they have all the best resource of highly qualified and experienced advocates and legal professionals. They strive to tackle cases with their extensive analytical approach. Not only that but also being the Best Legal Consultant in Delhi they maintain their standard with a team of best legal consultant in Delhi. They represent and advice clients from diverse sectors.

Paramount engraved its name as famous and renowned legal firm in Delhi because of its absolute reliability and stability. The legal experts are shrewd enough to tackle and approach critical legal litigations. Their legal professionals also have specialization in criminal legal advice. The experts are confident and successful in approaching such cases.
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Paramount law consultancy is the pioneer among all other law firm in India. With their brilliant multi-disciplinary research team they are working as the most efficient Legal Assistance In Delhi. Especially as Property Legal Advisor they are best in Delhi. The legal experts are shrewd enough to handle critical legal litigations.

Looking For a Florida SEO Consultant – How to Pick a Florida SEO Consultant For Your Business

Consider that you are looking for a Florida SEO consultant to beef up your insurance business. Your scenario is that you already have a small insurance. If you want it to achieve success online and are an independent agent, and national brokerage, or an Insurance Sales Team, you need a new approach to online sales. SEO is perfect for you, not just because it is the most influential and extensive marketing tool found on the internet, but a necessity in any online enterprise. What you need to find is a Florida SEO consultant who has proved successful in fields such as Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Cancer Insurance. A good and professional Florida SEO Consultant is capable of marketing any site any insurance market. What you must check before picking a Florida SEO consultant is asking how far he or she will go with you. The best Florida SEO consultant should be able to guide you at each step of the way towards search engine optimization. Now that search engines are working to carefully screen content and scrutinize the relevance of the matter on the site, it is vital for the health of your business to have a Florida SEO consultant who will be on your insurance site watching any change in strategy and making appropriate changes to counter new strategies adopted by search engines. As soon as you decide to launch a campaign, it is in your interest to pick a Florida SEO consultant who will be capable of handling each and every aspect of your web marketing demands. What you require is a Florida SEO consultant who will have the insight to get hold of the newest techniques and quickly adapt himself or herself to the ever changing scenario of Internet marketing. Also, it is best that the Florida SEO consultant that you pick has worked previously with white hat techniques and is not likely to take recourse to black hat techniques that will only serve to get your website knocked off the major search engines. These black hat techniques may quickly enhance the visibility and the traffic to your website but you may soon find that you have actually suffered in the long term. The Florida SEO consultant must therefore be in tandem with your goals and needs and must work to achieve your long term plans. For the same reason, it is crucial that you have frequent discussions and consultations with the Florida SEO consultant that you hire, so that you are always abreast of the developments on your website and are in the know about the methods used to enhance the website itself. The Florida SEO consultant must not only get you the suitable return on investment, but also keep you involved with how the site is working. Published at:

Hiking To And Fro In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state of inherent beauty, particularly during the fall when the leaves turn. Getting out and hoofing around gives you an opportunity to experience the pure bliss. If you have never been to New Hampshire, you are really missing out on one of the great states. Forgetting the hikes, the state itself is a bit like being in Switzerland with its rolling hills, mountain ranges and just all around beauty. There is no big city atmosphere in New Hampshire, just miles and miles of serenity and some of Mother Nature’s best work. Perhaps the most famous and important of the hiking areas is the section of the Appalachian Trail that runs through the state. As in many other states, the New Hampshire section runs through dramatic rugged mountain scenery of the White Mountains and attracts more hikers than any other area in the state. The Appalachian runs for 161 miles with elevation changes from 400 to 6,000 feet. It is well marked, so you can pick it up at various points and say you bagged at least part of the great Appalachian. For those looking for something a bit different, the Presidential Range is a famous and often bagged hiking area. The route is long and you can pick it up in multiple points. It snakes through the Presidential Range and gives you the opportunity to summit a variety of peaks up to 4,000 feet. This is a popular spot for weekend hikes with many people tackling a summit a day. The main route runs between Madison Hut and Lakes of the Clouds Hut. At over 6,000 feet, Mount Washington is the highest peak in the state and offers some of the best hiking in New Hampshire. There are a number of ways to attack the mountain. The Tuckerman Ravine route is the best known, but is also heavily trafficked. The Boot Spur approach is perhaps the better option if you are looking for fewer people. Either way, you will get a beautiful view from the summit, but keep in mind the weather can be cold, wet and miserable up there. New Hampshire is an amazing state. Break out the boots and explore all it has to offer whenever you get a chance. Published at: